Bouteille de VSOP avec miel et citron

The recipe for grog with cognac

The evils of winter have arrived, discover our advice to limit the spread of germs and protect yourself from them. Want to see more recipes?

Cognac, against colds and flu

Grog appeared in the 18th century to allow English sailors to reduce their alcohol consumption and take advantage of the antiscorbutic properties of lemon. Since then, recipes have multiplied and improved.

The ingredients vary according to tastes, regions and habits. You will easily understand that we recommend Cognac to fight the first signs of a flu-like state! Stuffy nose? aches? chills?

The drink is generally always made from an alcohol to which lemon, honey and spices are added.

Grog au Cognac helps fight the first frosts of winter

The effectiveness of grog is due to the fact that it increases the temperature of the body which will fight infection more easily by increasing perspiration.

The virtues of lemon will limit infection, those of honey, cough; as for spices, they will help fight inflammation and fever.

The quality of Cognac is important since it has aged in barrels and gives it antioxidants.

The recipe for grog with cognac

It varies according to your tastes, the base is generally distributed as follows:

  • ⅓ of Cognac
  • ⅔ hot water
  • A lemon juice
  • A teaspoon of honey (thyme or eucalyptus are recommended for their antiseptic and antitussive qualities.
  • You can optionally add spices: cinnamon stick, cloves, star anise, nutmeg, ginger….
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Download in PDF format: recette-grog-cognac-guillon-painturaud.pdf (1204 downloads )

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