Our very old Pineau

gold, gourmet, exotic

Exception Gold

Golden, gourmand, exotic notes. The Pineau extra Vieux Exception Or is already defined by its name: this Pineau reveals exceptional flavors and magnificent golden reflections. Its long ageing (1989 vintage) offers a nose of exotic and woody notes, with a slight spicy touch. Its mouth is ample and greedy, and its finish long, supple and harmonious. It is a very rare Pineau des Charentes, regularly distinguished for its elegance and unforgettable charisma!


Intense, rich, syrupy

Exception Rosé

Intense, rich, stone fruits. Very old Pineau Rosé are rare, but this one proves the value of aging them. Forerunners in the long aging of Pineau Rosé, we are pleased to reveal the secrets of the Exception Rosé: unforgettable woody notes, chocolate touches, and a hint of tobacco. Its mouth is complex and reveals notes of candied and dried fruits. Its nose offers spicy and intense notes.

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