Winegrowers visit

Découverte de la distillerie puis des chais avec une dégustation directement depuis la barrique !

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It's a thorough visit of the distillery and tasting in our aging cellar

Available in French and English

The winegrowers' visit is a guided tour, unlike any other, during which you will discover the ageing cycle of our Cognacthrough a tasting experience directly from the barrel. This experience will give you a better understanding of how a young Cognac (VSOP) evolves into an Old Cognac (XO). Our estate opens its doors to you, directly from the Grande Champagne producer, to help you understand all the subtleties. The visit lasts 1 hour. We welcome you to a typical Charentais house that has been completely renovated. Dating back to the pre-phylloxera period, this house now houses all the secrets of making Guillon-Painturaud cognacs and pineaux.

A Charentais still and a tasting directly from the barrel

You will have the opportunity to visit our distillery with its famous traditional Charentais copper still. This is one of the family's treasures and dates back to 1914. You will then see our cellar where our eaux-de-vie are patiently aged. The secrets behind the making of our Cognac and Pineau des Charentes will be revealed to you and the work of the Independent Winemaker will be fully explained.

A first: you'll have the chance to taste 3 eaux-de-vie straight from the barrel! We'll be sampling 3 cognacs from different years, so you can taste their subtleties and admire their evolution. You'll see that different eaux-de-vie develop different aromas depending on the number of years they've been aged. This is what makes the richness of the blend and the future cognac.

A free tasting

The visit ends with a free tasting of our Cognac and Pineau, in the store. We can welcome individuals and groups up to 50 people. We have a free parking for cars and bus. Do not hesitate to continue the adventure with our other activities: Escape Game, Pineau Workshop assemblage Pineau. Perfect for Team Building!

Tasting directly from the barrel!

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Would you like to combine several activities? Example: guided tour + escape game? Call us : +33 5 45 83 41 95

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Cellar Treasures Tour Spend a special moment tasting rare cognacs! 40€ Per person
Pineau workshop Create your own bottle of Pineau! 60€ Per person
Winegrowers visit Tasting directly from the barrel! 12€ Per person
Escape Game Spirits You have 1 hour to find the recipe of Cognac! 25€ Per person
Cognac Guillon Painturaud

« Biard » 1 rue de l’ancien puits
+33 5 45 83 41 95

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« Biard » 1 rue de l'ancien puits
+33 5 45 83 41 95

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