Photo de cepages rouges

Red grape varieties for Pineau Guillon-Painturaud

To make red and rosé Pineau, you have to follow the specifications of the designation Pineau des Charentes. There are different grape varieties to make Pineau des Charentes. We will focus on the grape varieties that Domaine Guillon-Painturaud uses to create its Pineau rosé.

Cabernet franc as a red grape variety for Pineau des Charentes

These red grape varieties were among the first to be produced in the Bordeaux region, around the 1st century AD.


It can be very productive if it has the water it needs, and will then give a very fragrant and high quality must. It is often compared to its cousin, the Cabernet Sauvignon, but it is less colored and less fulled with tannins, which will allow a faster aging. It is therefore better suited to produce our Pineau des Charentes rosé which can reach up to 25 years of ageing.


Raspberry, violet, black currant, quince, cocoa, tobacco...

Black Merlot as a red grape variety for Pineau des Charentes

This grape variety is also from the Bordeaux region, and comes from a cross breeding between Cabernet Franc and a Charente grape variety, Magdeleine noire.


It is also greedy for water and particularly appreciates the clay-limestone soils of Grande-Champagne. It is a grape variety sensitive to frost and drought, which must be cultivated with care, but which can also be very productive. Its blend with the Cabernet Franc must gives our Pineau des Charentes rosé an incomparable finesse and smoothness.


Aromas of cherry, strawberry, blackberry, prune, liquorice, leather, spices... These two grape varieties have been chosen by Guillon-Painturaud for their quality and their aromatic richness, in order to give Pineau des Charentes rosé its fragrant taste.

The vines and the grape varieties of Pineau

Unlike other plants, grape varieties do not reproduce identically by sowing (natural reproduction) but only by cuttings, grafting or layering.


Ampelography, from the Greek ampelos (vine) and graphein (to write) allows us to identify each grape variety by studying the leaves, bunches, branches and inflorescences.

Made on the family estate, we have created a wide range of Pineau des Charentes. The Grande Champagne cru in which we are locatedat the heart of the Pineau designation. The complexity and quality of our products will then reveal themselves with the years. Our younger Pineau rosés will be fruitier and will be ideal for the aperitif.
Our old and very old Pineau rosés will be excellent with a fruity or chocolate dessert!

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