Main qui touche une grappe de raisins blanc

The white grape varieties for Cognac and Pineau

We use different white grape varieties for the production of our Cognac and Pineau. Here are the white grape varieties authorised in the Cognac designation and that we use to make our Grande Champagne Cognac and our Pineau des Charentes.

What is a grape variety ?

A grape variety is a grape. For the Cognac designation (AOC), several white grape varieties are authorised:

  • Ugni-Blanc
  • Folle Blanche
  • Colombard
  • Montils
  • Sémillon
  • Folignon

A Cognac can be made from a single grape variety or a blend of several grape varieties, according to the above list.
The Ugni-Blanc grape variety is the most widely used in the production of Cognac. In the region it is used by 98% of the producers.

Since the Phylloxera period, all the white grape varieties used in the Cognac vineyards have been grafted onto American vines. We explained all this in our article on rootstocks.

The white grape varieties used for Guillon-Painturaud Cognac


This is a grape variety of Italian origin, Trebbanio Toscano, which was the only one to resist the phylloxera crisis in the Cognac vineyards. Its robustness is such that today 98% of it is used for the production of Cognac.


This grape variety gives a very acidic, vigorous and low alcohol wine, ideal for distillation. The eaux-de-vie produced from this variety are always of high quality.


Aromas of citrus fruits, banana. This is the main grape variety we have in our family estate.


This very old white grape variety from the Charente is the result of a natural cross breeding between Gouais and Chenin.


Its must is fine and full-bodied, vigorous and pleasant to drink.


Aromas of exotic fruits, citrus fruits, lime, peach... This grape variety is used at a very low percentage for the production of our Cognacs.

White grape varieties used for Guillon-Painturaud White Pineau


This white grape variety is originally the variety of Sauternes. It is particularly fond of clay-limestone soils, such as in Grande-Champagne.


It is a grape variety very sensitive to grey rot, which requires a lot of attention. This is why we prefer to harvest it by hand. This variety ages very well and its juices are of an incomparable roundness and quality, perfect for great sweet wines such as our Pineau des Charentes.


Aromas of pear, cinnamon, apricot, roasted almond, beeswax, white flowers, candied fruits, honey, vanilla.

To discover all these aromas and refine your palate, do not hesitate to come and visit us to taste our products. It will also be an opportunity to visit a family estate, and discover the making process of our Cognac and Pineau des Charentes, through an original guided tour: book your winegrowers visit!

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