Photos Carafe Vieille Réserve servi avec des petits gateaux

Food and Cognac pairing, Guillon-Painturaud style

Are you someone classic, an innovator or a gourmet? To each their own Cognac, at each moment, a discovery.
Traditionally in Europe, Cognac is consumed as a digestive, accompanied by coffee... But it can also be consumed in cocktails, with ice or many other ingredients (fruit juices, sodas....). Do you know the Cognac Grog?

Food and Cognac pairing ideas

The holidays are the perfect time to change some habits and try new flavors. Dare to use Cognac as an accompaniment and try out different food and cognac pairings.

The Gastronome Cognac

  • The "Gastronome" Cognac will allow you to flavour your foie gras before cooking, to flambé your gambas or to deglaze your sauce or your poultry.

The Classic Cognac

  • The "Classic" Cognac will end your meal with chocolate ganache, macaroons flavored with the Charentaise liqueur.

The Innovative Cognac

  • The "Innovative" Cognac will surprise your guests by presenting your fish appetizers (carpaccio of scallops, shellfish, sushi...) accompanied by a glass of VSOP Cognac, your game or duck breast will be served with Vieille Réserve Cognac with fruity notes; ewe's milk cheese or mimolette will be served with a Cognac Hors Age with woody flavors For dessert, try a vanilla ice cream topped with grapes marinated in Cognac, a chocolate fondant or a Charentaise version of a black forest gateau... served with a VSOP Cognac.

The idea is to play on the combination of floral and woody flavors, and to complete the aromatic richness of your dish: the Cognac will have the role of an aroma enhancer. The quantity served should be moderate. Each association can be surprising, live it as an experience!

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