Livres guide hachette dans lesquels les Pineau Guillon Painturaud ont été récompensés

Guide Hachette des vins : our 6 Pineau are rewarded

After several years of searching for the perfect balance we were able to present our products to the jury of the famous Guide Hachette des vins. It is with great joy that over the years we have received beautiful awards for our white and rosé Pineau.

The production of Pineau des Charentes has been passed down from generation to generation, so it is with great pleasure that we present you with the lovely comments of the Guide Hachette.

The Hachette Guide and our Pineau Rosé

Our Pineau Rosé was our first product to be awarded by the Guide:

  • 1990  "A very typical Pineau des Charentes rosé, a beautiful color, with intense fruit and aroma intensified by aging in small new barrels".
  • 1994  "This Pineau rosé, with a very nice color, is characterised by a pleasant fruity red fruit type and a good balance in the mouth."

The Hachette Guide and our White Pineau

Our White Pineau has been rewarded many times by the Hachette Guide in particular in :

  • 1992 "This is a very typical Pineau de Charentes, with a beautiful straw color, fragrant, with an aroma and bouquet enhanced by aging in small barrels."
    • 1993  "What a heritage this winegrower has, since their viticultural origins date back to before 1600! They show themselve worthy of it by the quality of their production which is brilliantly illustrated by this very nice wine. Very fine in its bouquet, delicately woody, it delights the palate with its mellowness and harmonious balance. A wine for conversation to be tasted among connoisseurs."
    • 2001 "Golden yellow in color, very bright, this pineau offers a very fine nose where aromas of dried fruits and rancio develop. Its pleasant, vanilla-like, unctuous mouthfeel and good length were appreciated by the jury."
    • 2004 "This Pineau is a brilliant straw yellow with old gold reflections and aromas of honey and lime of great finesse. Very supple in the mouth with a lot of persistence and a surprising roundness, it leaves an excellent impression. A very elegant ensemble."
    • 2008  "White Pineau that mixes exotic flavors and vanilla scents of the barrel in the nose as well as in the mouth. The ample and round palate finishes with a refreshing hint of citrus."

The Guide Hachette and our extra old Rosé

Our Extra old Rosé has been awarded 5 times by the Hachette guide:

      • 2002  "In its rosé color showing tiled reflections acquired during long years of aging, this pineau develops notes of orange jam, wood and a very powerful rancio. The jury appreciates its fruity nuances very present in the mouth and the perfect balance of its flavors."
      • 2005  "In its beautiful copper color, slightly tiled, we discover an intense nose of exotic fruits and elegant rancio. The attack is ample, frank, complex in mouth. The rancio is always present accompanied by notes of vanilla and prune. Very long, the remarkable aromatic finish is worthy of a wonderful pineau."
      • 2006  "This pineau under a coppery color with orange reflections, offers a fine nose of raspberry and cherry, then a round and harmonious mouth."
      • 2007  "Another success thanks to this powerfully aromatic wine, with notes of cooked fruit and rancio. In the mouth, the intensity and volume are remarkable, as is the long finish."
      • 2011  "Over fifteen years in barrel were required to achieve this orange wine born of Cabernet Franc. All in finesse, the discreetly fruity nose precedes in the mouth which leaves the taster with an impression of fullness, length and delicacy."

The Guide Hachette and our Extra old white

Our Extra old white has been awarded for the first time this year:

      • 2021 "Old gold color, intense nose of candied citrus zest (orange and grapefruit), balance of a wine that has kept all its freshness and persists well: a pineau of great precision, which fills the senses."

Gamme Pineau de Charentes sur cheminée boutique


The Hachette Guide and our Exception Rosé

Our Exception Rosé is our first product to have obtained a Coup de Coeur from the Guide, it has subsequently obtained other awards including:

      • 2015 Coup de cœur  "Its name "exception" is not usurped as this product is so rare. Not only because very old pineau rosés are impossible to find, but especially because this one is of remarkable quality. After twenty-five years in the barrel, it has a plum color and offers to the nose a basket of candied fruits, prunes and quince paste. The rancio is bright and racy. Walnut and almond add complexity and aromatic persistence. After a round and soft attack, the mouth unfolds with power its concentrated candied fruits, very ripe prune and morello cherry. The finish is voluptuous. A wine of admirable suppleness and length."
      • 2016 Coup de cœur  "The exception that proves the rule: this very old rosé wins a coup de coeur for the second time in a row. A rarity for its volume and admirable quality. Twenty-five years in small barrels give it a plum tinted color and a superb nose, a complex and delicious mix of candied fruits (cherry, strawberry, raspberry) and quince paste, to which an explosive rancio brings a touch of chocolate and caramel. After a round and soft attack, the mouth unfolds with power and persistence a concentrate of marmalade fruits, prune and sweet spices. A long, voluptuous finish adds extra majesty to this wine."
      • 2018 Coup de cœur "Many times selected in these pages and often in very high places, the estate lands two coups de coeur in this edition, excuse the pun. This extra old rosé is a precious product. Adorned in old gold, it has the color of a very old white, but that doesn't matter, the wood makes its appearance, then the fullness of the fat and the sweetness of the sugar cover the mouth for a long, long time, in a subtle balance and a rare elegance."
      • 2020  "This vintage of extra old has more than once shone in these pages; it is again illustrating itself this year with a pineau that began its aging a quarter of a century ago... The robe is magnificent, golden brown, coppery: we are well in the world of advanced age. The nose is imposing by its complexity: prune, honey, peach and apricot jam, and of course this so typical note of rancio. We find this aromatic profusion in a full, generous, enveloping mouth, with an admirable length, offering a perfect balance between the barrel and the brandy. For demanding amateurs."

The Hachette guide and our Gold Exceptionon Or

Our Gold Exception has been awarded 4 times:

    • 2017  "Definitely a remarkable product, well typed "very old". Everything reminds us of its category: its dark amber color, slightly orange, its powerful nose with floral (hyacinth, iris, narcissus) and spicy (vanilla) accents. The attack is soft and supple, the mouth is ample and marked by a beautiful fruitiness (plum, quetsche, fruit paste) and a slight acidic touch. The elegant finish combines vanilla and cinnamon, with a fine rancio underpinning its length."
    • 2018 Coup de cœur  "An exceptional pineau, made from semillon and ugni blanc planted on the clay-limestone hillsides of Grande Champagne and harvested by hand, and aged in barrels for more than twenty-five years. The result: an old golden amber color reminiscent of an old cognac; a complex bouquet with notes of prune, spices, vanilla and rancio; a mouth just as complex, rich, intense and long, sustained by the rancio and by melted tannins. Pleasure guaranteed."
    • 2020 "A beautiful amber color, aromas of dried fig, light honey, walnut and hazelnut, a voluminous and alert palate, well supported by vivacity compose a pineau of character."
    • 2021 "This pineau aged 15 years in barrel has character. After woody, spicy and mentholated notes, it reveals a round and rich substance, nuanced with honey and candied fruits. And it lasts!"
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