comment boire le pineau

How to drink Pineau des Charentes

Tasting Pineau des Charentes

To begin with, do you know the legend surrounding Pineau des Charentes?

This liqueur wine was created purely by chance. In 1589, a winegrower in the Charente region had just finished harvesting and could no longer find a place to store his grape juice. A few years later, he realised that the barrel already contained brandy. A new drink was born!

The recipe has not changed since. Pineau is made from 3/4 grape juice and 1/4 brandy. The brandy is added to the grape juice before fermentation, a process known as mutage. This mixture is then aged in oak barrels and, like cognac, blended to create the final drink.

Pineau des Charentes is a liqueur wine traditionally drunk as an aperitif, but there's much more to it than that! There are many ways to enjoy it. We explain it all to you!

Drink Pineau des Charentes as an aperitif

Pineau is, of course, a liqueur wine that is ideal as an aperitif. In fact, that's what it's best known for. For the aperitif, we're going to go for young Pineau, which brings a lot of freshness without being too liqueur-like for a pre-dinner drink. White or rosé, the choice is yours! Both are perfect. The white will bring notes of white fruit and fresh fruit, while the rosé will be characterised by notes of red fruit such as strawberry and raspberry.

Pure as an aperitif, it's a safe bet. But you can also think out of the box and enjoy it in a different way before your meal!

Pineau on ice

It's the middle of July. It's very hot outside but you still want to enjoy an aperitif? Then we recommend a Pineau frappé!

Take a long drink glass and fill it with ice cubes. Don't be afraid to use lots of ice! Pour the young Pineau into your glass and enjoy. Plenty of ice will add freshness without diluting the Pineau. If you put just one ice cube in, it will just dilute your drink and you won't get all the good aromas.

Refreshing and delicious!

Pineau in cocktails

Yes, there's more to cocktails than cognac or rum... Pineau des Charentes is also part of this constantly innovating world! With the right recipe, you can enjoy the superb aromas of pineau in an even more original and delicious way. Once again, we recommend young pineau for these drinks. We'll leave you to discover our recipes for homemade pineau cocktails. our dedicated article!

Drink Pineau des Charentes during your meal

As you may know, the special feature of Guillon-Painturaud pineau is its long ageing. When a pineau has been aged for a long time, it has had time to develop more complex aromas, and that's when it's interesting to pair it with food and desserts!

Some food and Pineau des Charentes pairings

Take our Old White Pineau ! The latter, aged for at least 7 years, goes very well with blue-veined cheese or Comté! Cheeses with character that form a symbiosis with the candied fruit and honey aromas of this old pineau.

Even older, our Pineau Extra Old White, aged at least 12 years, can be the ideal ally for your Sunday lunch with a good rabbit with prunes! A very interesting balance of sweet and savoury.

And finally, Pineau Exception Goldthe oldest in our range, goes perfectly with... foie gras! The Sémillon grape variety, which is present in this pineau, gives it a smooth, syrupy flavour that is reminiscent of a sweet white wine. The perfect combo!

Some dessert/pineau des Charentes pairings

Don't forget our pineau rosé! Our Old or Extra Old rosé of at least 7 and 12 years of age are your perfect allies if you're a chocolate lover! They are the perfect accompaniment to a dark chocolate mousse or fondant. Gourmet pleasure guaranteed!

And if you like fruit desserts such as tartes tatin or fruit tarts, you'll love this old white pineau! A beautiful harmony of fruit aromas.

Drink Pineau des Charentes as an after-dinner drink

Yes, Pineau des Charentes can also be drunk as an after-dinner drink! But not just any Pineau. We're talking here about Pineaux that have been aged for a very long time, so they've developed a lovely roundness and a real length on the palate. Our Pineaux Exception, white or rosé, are perfect to enjoy after a meal, in an armchair or on a sofa, for a moment of digestion full of delicacy and finesse. These are Pineaux that are starting to develop notes of cognac and with a persistent woodiness. So, are you going to dare?

Now the ball's in your side ! All you have to do is make your choice according to the season or your mood! In any case, we can guarantee that Pineau des Charentes will make a place for itself in your home, whatever the occasion!

Want to know more about how Pineau des Charentes is made? We explain everything and more this article!

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