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The Charente, a great place to live

The Charente is a department brimming with history and places to discover. We'll tell you more about this beautiful place!

The Charente river

And yes, the beautiful Charente department owes its name first and foremost to the river!

A French river long hailed as ‘the most beautiful in the kingdom’, the Charente rises at Chéronnac in the Haute-Vienne and then flows through the departments of Charente, part of Vienne and Charente-Maritime before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean via a wide estuary.

This river has been occupied for a very, very long time. In fact, prehistoric man was already navigating this river 4,500 years ago! A pirogue discovered in Bourg-Charente a few years ago has helped us to understand this.

The river Charente was mainly used to transport goods to the port of Rochefort in Charente-Maritime. The gabares carried paper, eau-de-vie or stones. These barges then sailed up the river, loaded with spices, salt or fish.

At the end of the 18th century, around thirty locks were built to improve navigation conditions.

Today, the Charente is still a very attractive river to walk along. There's no shortage of paths along the river!

The most beautiful places in Charente

The "Coulée Verte"

The coulée verte is a footpath that runs for around twenty kilometres along the Charente between St Yriex and Nersac. Whether on foot or by bike, the paths offer magnificent scenery and are a real invitation to discover the rich vegetation and biodiversity along the way.

The city of Angoulême

Angoulême is a must-see when you come to the Charente! The small town of Angoulême is brimming with history and is, above all, the capital of comic strips. Here you can visit the Comic Strip Museum, and attend the famous Comic Strip Festival held every January. The city also boasts other museums, such as the Paper Museum, as well as historic monuments like the Cathedral.

The Flow Vélo

A 400km route specially designed for bikes! Stretching from the Dordogne to Charente-Maritime, this long, bucolic ride offers splendid views. The route passes through atypical areas with towns and villages full of character. A must for discovering the Charente while taking care of yourself!

The village of Aubeterre sur Dronne

Classed as one of the most beautiful villages in France! This small town is full of charm and offers you a soothing, timeless moment. Its small central square is very relaxing and you can also see monuments steeped in history, such as the monolithic church of Saint-Jean. You'll also find some wonderful craft shops!

Typical Charente dishes

Yes, food is also a very important subject! It's at mealtimes that we share our best moments together, and there's no shortage of good food in the Charente!

The "grillon charentais"

Similar to a pâté, Chenrentais cricket is a pork-based dish. The lean parts are seasoned and then candied for hours! Enjoy it on bread as an aperitif, or Charentaise-style, with oysters!

The Angoulême daisy

A delicious chocolate! This speciality was created as a tribute to the sister of François 1st, Marguerite d'Angoulême. Shaped like a daisy, it is made with dark bitter chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate with orange peel. Taste it petal by petal!

The famous "cagouilles"

In Charente, we don't talk about snails... we talk about cagouilles! These little creatures are best eaten pan-fried. Cagouilles stuffed with meat, simmered for a long time with white wine, carrots, garlic, onions, thyme... and even porcini mushrooms!

Typical Charente drinks

You can't talk about the Charente without mentioning the two famous drinks produced here!

The cognac

Named after the 2nd largest town in the department, cognac is a world-famous spirit! Cognac is made from grape brandy, which is then aged in oak casks. The eaux-de-vie are then blended together to create the final product. The result? Intense, complex and very delicate aromas.

To find out more about cognac, come and discover our tour and our Escape Game! !

The pineau

Much weaker than cognac, pineau is made from grape juice and cognac brandy. The mixture is then aged in oak barrels to develop its rich aromas. This drink is perfect as an aperitif!

To find out more about this liqueur wine, come and taste our Pineau Workshop! ! You'll create your own blend and leave with your own bottle.

So, are you ready to come and spend a holiday in the Charente?

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