Vue sur le vignoble en grande champagne

Cognac of Grande Champagne, 1st Cru of Cognac

How is Cognac made?
Here are all the stages of production

The soil

Grande Champagne, 1st cru of Cognac, is known for its fine and powerful eaux-de-vie, the charactereristic of a soil rich in limestone, synonymous with quality for long aging.
The estate is located at the heart of this exceptional cru.

Vines and harvest

The work of the vineyard remains traditional, we cultivate the soil and maintain the vineyard in a way that respects the cultural traditions of our ancestors.

The grape variety used for the production of Cognac is Ugni-Blanc.

The harvest for the Cognac wine takes place at the end of September. Fermentation is very fast, and the wines are quickly put away from the air.

The distillation of Grande Champagne Cognac

The entire harvest is distilled on the estate. During the winter, two stills operate for nearly 8 weeks, 24 hours a day.

The 1970 still allows the distillation of the first "chauffe of wine", and thus, to obtain the brouillis, the first distillate of 30%vol.

This will be distilled a second time. The 1914 still, used by our great grandfather, has a small capacity.

It allows the elaboration of "bonnes-chauffes" (second distillation).

The two stills are working day and night; we work hard to distill and select the "coeur de chauffe", a Cognac eau-de-vie with an alcohol content of nearly 70% vol, intended for ageing.

The aging process

The eau-de-vie is aged only in oak barrels from the Limousin forest or from the Troncais region, which is essential for the quality of the aging process.

It is because of the evaporation and oxidation that the eau-de-vie will take its color.

The eau-de-vie is first aged in new barrels, then in older barrels, called "red barrels".

Only time can attenuate the violence of alcohol; patience. More than a hundred barrels have been waiting for years. Feel the angels' share evaporating little by little. The cellars are slowly darkening.

We will wait at least 5 years to offer you the youngest family Cognac.

The blending

In order to market the Cognac, the eaux-de-vie are blended and prepared using the savoir-faire passed down from generation to generation.

Thus lies the particularity of each one.

The range of Cognac from the estate is available according to the length of the aging process. All our Cognacs are, of course, from our Grande Champagne vineyard, aged on the estate and blended for our customers.

Our commitment to the signature of the charter of the Independent Winegrower confirms the respect of our soil, the savoir-faire and the marketing of our production only.

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