Photo de la floraison

The cycle of the vine is evolving, the flowering is here

In Charente, the flowering of the vine generally marks the arrival of summer... Delicate and fragrant, it begins in the early grape varieties: Merlot, Cabernet, Semillon are the first to bloom on our Pineau des Charentes parcels.

The flowers bloom

The flowers are located on the inflorescences (flowers arranged on the stem of the plant around an axis) in the form of a bunch.
The flowers of the base open then, successively, evolve towards the top. The stamens allow the floral cap to open then to fall.
In the center, the pistil appears. The floral caps fall, the pistil (in the heart) is surrounded by the stamens.
Self-pollination is possible. This stage is the crucial element to optimise the next harvest.

Weather conditions

If the weather conditions of the flowering are favourable (dry and hot weather), the pollination will be done quickly and in good conditions.

If the weather is wet and cold, we can fear a bad pollination.

The future bunches will be partially fertilised; the seeds that will develop will be less numerous or smaller.

This is called " millerandage " or "coulure". Pollination will allow the creation of the grape seed around the seed. Once the flowering is over, the "nouaison" stage offers bunches where we can perceive the future seeds.

The branches grow during flowering

The flowering period is also accompanied by a very strong growth of the branches. It is necessary to cut the longest branches and to raise those which can be entwined between the threads of vine. They will be necessary for the cutting wood this winter. The sun is welcome!

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