Christophe qui taille la vigne

The cutting of the vine in Charente

The cutting of the vine

As an independent winegrower, we cultivate our vines with respect for our terroir. Cultivating our vineyard means giving it time. The cutting work is essential to prepare the next harvest.

This long winter work allows to define the growth of the vine to regulate the production, as well in quality as in quantity.

A regulated cutting

The vineyard chosen for the period of Pineau des Charentes, includes a cutting regulated by the specifications of the Designation.

Two cutting techniques are authorised:

  • Single or double Guyot cutting
  • Cordon cutting

Adapting the cutting technique

The number of eyes is limited to 50,000 to favor the quality of the future harvest, a smaller quantity for optimal maturity. The grape variety also allows the cutting technique to be adapted to control productivity.

For the vineyard destined for Cognac, the cutting will be different. All types of cutting are allowed. The number of eyes is limited to 80,000 per hectare.

Cutting skills

The desired production is more important in volume. The work of cutting the vine is long and difficult. The winter period is favourable for cutting. Skills are required to cut the vineyard day after day.

During 5 months, Christophe sculpts the vineyard by limiting the lengthening of the wood and the number of buds to adapt the vigour of the vineyard.

His work allows him to anticipate next year's cutting by providing waiting spurs. He also ensures the sustainability of the vineyard by limiting excessive production.

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