our savoir-faire

Producer & Harvesting winegrower

Our terroir allows us to produce very old Cognac and Pineau des Charentes.
The know-how combined with the specific characteristics of Grande Champagne means that Cognac and Pineau can be aged for long periods.

Our savoir-faire and our Cognac

The Cognac production area was defined by decree on 1st May 1909. It is made up of six crus which refer to the different appellations:

  • The appellation Grande Champagne *
  • The appellation Petite Champagne *
  • The appellation Borderies
  • The appellation Fins Bois
  • The appellation Bons Bois
  • The appellation Bois Ordinaires

* The Fine Champagne appellation will be a blend of Grande Champagne (minimum 50%) and Petite Champagne.
The Guillon-Painturaud family estate is located in the heart of the Cognac vineyards, in the Grande Champagne area, Cognac's 1er Cru. It produces very fine, very light eaux-de-vie with a predominantly floral bouquet. They require long ageing in oak barrels and a certain expertise to reach full maturity. This is why our Cognac range begins with VSOP Cognac, not VS, which is aged for a short time and is not very expressive for our terroir.

Our savoir-faire and our Pineau des Charentes

Pineau des Charentes is made with Cognac brandy from our estate and grape juice (known as must) from selected plots in our family vineyard. It is a subtle "vin de liqueur" (or mutage) also known as "mistelle".

Traditionally, Pineau des Charentes is an aperitif. In line with our family know-how, we have deliberately increased the ageing time so that this delicious elixir blends perfectly with Grande Champagne Cognac brandy.

The quality of our production comes from the geological area, rich in white limestone sedimentary rock, in which our estate is located.

From these Champagne soils, our eaux-de-vie will draw their bouquet and length on the palate. The ageing potential of our eaux-de-vie will also contribute to the quality of Pineau des Charentes and its great capacity for ageing to optimise and surprise the values of the appellation.

We specialise in the long ageing of our Pineaux des Charentes, offering you a wide range of aromas. From the traditional aperitif, old and very old Pineau des Charentes will surprise you when served with cheese, foie gras or dessert.

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