Family history


Our weaver ancestors

According to genealogical researches, the family's ancestors lived on these lands since the beginning of the 17th century.

They were weavers. We have no information about the first vineyard plantations of the family, but they developed little by little.

End of the 19th century

The Phylloxera crisis

The Phylloxera crisis destroyed the family vineyard at the end of the 19th century. Between 1900 and 1905, less than 100hl were produced each year on the estate.

The new plantation started very slowly. Little by little, the production of wine for Cognac increased.

The war slowed down production again. The women and the elders work in the vineyard, maintaining the production despite the lack of manpower.


Our charentais still

Alambic Charentais de 1914

Made in 1914, our Charentais still is today a rare and unique piece since it is a hundred years old. Entirely made of copper, its small size allows us to elaborate very aromatic and delicate Cognacs.

Book our winegrowers visit and admire and understand how our Charentais still works.


Passing on the secrets of blending

équipe 1965

The war slowed down production again.

The grandfather aged, and it will be his grandson Jean Pierre, who will take over in 1964.

He will give a new impulse to the old family Cognac house. He will get married in 1967. The secrets of blending will be transmitted to him by his father-in-law.


great harvest years

The 1970's were good years for the harvest. The family vineyard produces very fine Cognac eaux-de-vie.

In 1975, we harvested the first Pineau des Charentes.

This is where the story of a passion for the Pineau des Charentes. In 1978, direct sales began on the family estate.


a great success

Line entrain de distiller

In 1994, the increase in sales allowed Line, one of Jean-Pierre's daughters, to train with her parents for 10 years.


passing on the secrets of blending

Jean-Pierre and his wife Jacqueline are retiring.

They will share the secrets of Cognac production with their daughter, Line.

She will be assisted, from 2014, by her husband Olivier, for the work of distillation and blend.


First escape game in charente

Plan sur vieilles photos, clefs, loupe, carte pour illustrer l'histoire du Domaine

Launch of the first Escape Game in Charente with a scenario based on the theme of Cognac and family history.


Passing the torch

soeurs vignes hd

A new chapter begins, led by two sisters, Elise and Mathilde. Their aim: to continue to create exceptional cognacs and pineaux, while respecting the values and expertise handed down by the Guillon-Painturaud family.
The Two Sisters Distillers will continue to make history!

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