The story of our Cognac family house



According to the genealogical researches, our ancestors were living here since the beginning of the 17th century. They were weavers. No datas allow us to date the moment of the first plantation of the family vineyard, but little by little they developped.

End of the 19th century

The Phylloxéra crisis destroyed our family vineyard at the end of the 19th century. Between 1900 and 1905, less than 100 hl were produced each year on our establishment. The new plantation started to grow again very slowly. Little by little, the wine production for the Cognac increased. The war slowed down again the production, women and elders stayed inside the vineyard, allowing to produce despite the need of workers.



The still (still used for our distillation) is created in 1914. A little bit later, a second still will be installed to help for the distillation process. Today, our two still are still used and our guided visits will allow you to see them and understand their story.


The production is slowed down again because of the war. The grandfather is growing old, and it will be his grandson Jean Pierre, that will take over the buisness in 1964.
He will give a new start to the old Cognac family house. He will marry in 1967, all the secrets of blending will be passed down to him by his father in law.



The 1970’s year offer really good wine crop. The family vineyard produce nice eaux-de-vie of Cognac. In 1975, the first crop of Pineau des Charentes is made. The story of a beautiful passion for the Pineau des Charentes started. 1978 is the beginning of the sales made directly at the property.


From 1994, the inscrease of the sellings allow Line, one of the daughter, to be train by her parents for 10 years.



They will retire in 2004 and leave all the secrets of the manufacturing to their daughter. She will be helped during the distillation and the blending in 2014 by her husband.


Launching of the first Escape Room in Charente, with a story based on the Cognac and the story of Guillon-Painturaud house.

C'est bientôt la fête des pères ! Offrez lui le Cognac ou le Pineau de ses rêves
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