Pineau Exception Or

Pineau des Charentes Exception Or 50cl

This really old Pineau des Charentes white aged 30 years in our cellar. Rare, charming and unforgettable, he was made from Ugni-Blanc and Sémillon grapes.

The colour is shiny, coppery and orange-brown. Elegant legs glide gently down the walls of the glass pointing to the concentration of this very old white Pineau.
The notes of candied fruits and dried figs dominate. A caramelized flavor reveals a very long successful marriage with the oak barrel. Round and balanced, this rare very old Pineau surprises by its aromatic complexity. The acidity is balanced with the high sugar content, giving it freshness. The persistence of its aromas confirms the origin of this very old Pineau des Charentes produced on the limestone soil of Grande Champagne.

Reward : This year again “Le Guide Hacette” has rewarded our Pineau des Charentes Exception Or with 2 stars!





Ugni-Blanc – Sémillon


Argilo-calcarerous marls


Aged 30 years in a french oak barrel


Grande Champagne 1st Cru of Cognac

Food pairings with Pineau

It will go wonderfully with a foie gras, a Roquefort cheese or a fruity cheese selected from your cheese maker.


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