Pineau Extra Vieux Rosé

Pineau des Charentes Extra Vieux 75cl

This pineau rosé with a blond toffee colour and hints of ochre has a woody nose, with hints of orange peel and figs ending in spicy notes.

In the mouth it is smooth and full, it opens with candied notes with hints of apricot kernel, fresh figs and then continues to woody notes showing prolonged working with a long and persistent finish.

Food and wine pairing: Fig Tian




A pineau rosé with a blond toffee colour and hints of ochre

Pineau Rosé is appreciated for its fruity notes but after ageing in oak barrels, these notes give way to more woody tastes. As Charente winegrowers we use the term “rancio” to characterise this delicious marriage of fruit and wood.

For the Extra Vieux Pineau des Charentes rosé, these aromas have evolved towards stone fruit… Morelle cherries…prunes…

This Pineaau des Charentes is very round in the mouth and envelops your palate with softness and fruit flavours… It is of course your companion as an aperitive but do not forget to try it with dessert…chocolate…


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