Our house story


According to genealogical research, our ancestors have been camping on our land since the early 17th century. They were weavers. No precise date allows us to date the time of the first plantation of the family vineyard, but little by little it developed.

End of 19th century

The Phylloxera crisis destroyed our family vineyard at the end of the 19th century. Between 1900 and 1905, less than 100 hl were produced each year on our estate. The new plantations of the vineyard are done gradually. Little by little, the production of wines for Cognac increases. The war slowed down the production again, the women and elders who remained on the estate, allow to produce despite the lack of manpower.



The still (still used for our distillations) was made in 1914. A little later, a second still will then come to help with the distillation. Today, our two stills are still in use and guided tours of the distillery allow you to come and admire them.


The family vineyard sees its production slowed down again in times of war.
Grandfather Abel grew old, and it was his grandson Jean Pierre who took over the business in 1964. He will give a new boost to the family business by taking over an ageing vineyard. He married in 1967, and was entrusted with the secrets of blending by his father-in-law.



The 1970s brought good harvests to the family estate, and the whole vineyard produced fine Cognac eaux-de-vie. In 1975, the first harvest of Pineau des Charentes is produced. The story of a beautiful passion for the Pineau des Charentes appellation begins.
1978 start of direct sales “Guillon-Painturaud”.


From 1994, the development of sales enabled Line, one of the daughters, to train alongside her parents for 10 years.



They will retire in 2004 to leave all the manufacturing secrets to their daughter, who will be assisted at the distillery, in the work of vinification and blending, in 2014, by her husband Olivier.


Launch of the first Escape in Charente, focusing on Cognac and the history of Guillon-Painturaud house.

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