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Silky, greedy, candied notes. With a beautiful colour with brown reflections, the nose of Renaissance Cognac reveals the notes of a very old Cognac from Grande Champagne: powerful and distinguished. It has complex notes of candied pear and mixed spices. Its very long ageing gives it a woody and delicate finish. There is no secret: the Cognac of the previous generation is necessary to reveal the magic of our Grande Champagne terroir.

Brut de fut

Authentic, unforgettable, natural. The 72E3 is a rare Cognac from Grande Champagne, directly from its ageing cask. Patiently preserved for several decades, we have chosen to present it to you the purest and most natural: directly bottled without any artifice, it excels in its category. A rare concentration of spicy and complex aromas, 72E3 titre 43.6% but the aromatic power masks its alcoholic content. Its length in the mouth is rare and persistent.



Persistent, complex, rare. This is the first production of the previous generation. This Mémoires Cognac marks the moment when grandfather and grandson exchanged their know-how… This Grande Champagne Cognac has aged for many decades and its notes are powerful and silky. Its intense mouth offers a hint of bitterness balanced by its exotic notes. Its finish is marked by its woody notes.

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